About us

Yogabean is a unique group of professional and dedicated yoga teachers who are passionate about teaching yoga to children through to adults.

We have a combined 100 years+ experience teaching the highest quality yoga. We work with a range of life-acquired skills that sets us apart from other yoga programs. Mind-body-breath awareness, Mindfulness and Meditation are our specialty.

Yogabean Kids

We are currently impacting hundreds of children every term in primary schools. From prep to year 6, our classes have been welcomed into schools via in-curricular programs, lunch time and after school classes as well as part of Wellbeing programs and Wellness days.

The programs are structured and standardized so that we keep the students engaged and focused during the session. The classes are fun, educational and interesting. They include warmup, intention setting, postures, mindful moments, partner and group work, games, breath awareness and relaxation.

At the start of each class we make a deal with the students to respect themselves and each other and to give 100% of their focus. This has proven to be an effective way to gain attention from all students.

We are able to tailor our classes to complement the school’s core values, or to work in with specific units of inquiry or class themes.

We evaluate our programs and the responses are positive. The overwhelming response is that children love the classes, feel less stressed, more invigorated and are able to concentrate in school and sleep better after practicing yoga. We have also received feedback from children that breath awareness has allowed them to deal with a range of emotions including anger and frustration so that they are able to better handle stressful situations.

Next Gen Yoga

Next Gen Yoga is a program for the 14+ age group. Next Gen Yoga was launched specifically to support young adults to assist with mental/emotional wellbeing whilst delivering the physical benefits of yoga (strength, balance, flexibility). Our classes aim to bring balance into students’ lives by teaching them mindfulness, and breath awareness which brings them:

  • An increasing awareness and ability to focus
  • Improved understanding of self
  • Improved sleep
  • Ability to self regulate
  • Resilience
  • Improved body and self image
  • Relaxation

Specific Next Gen Yoga Programs

VCE ready program

Next Gen Yoga programs are available to run specifically around exam time especially leading up to VCE.

Physical education/Health units and sports

We also run programs specific for physical education and health and lifestyle units as well as for school sports teams looking for cross training opportunities that can deliver mindfulness and focus. Specific benefits include:

  • Build physical strength between sport and pre-season training
  • Build resilience + de-stress
  • Increase energy
  • Feel more fulfilled in life
  • Build mental + emotional strength
  • Sleep better

Wellness programs

  • Schools can enjoy the benefits of a ½ day or full day wellness program, where they can immerse themselves into yoga and its benefits. Our programs comprise a mixture of practical and reflective exercises and range from individual, partner and group activities, with an emphasis on strengths-based activities.

Weekly Yoga Sessions for School Teachers

We provide school teachers with the opportunity to have yoga at their school on a weekly basis. School teachers are very busy and having the ability to walk to their yoga class on campus provides an efficiency of time and a dedicated space in the day for them!

Professional Development for School Teachers

We provide a Professional Development program for teachers that supplies the teacher with a Yoga and Mindfulness Toolkit for the classroom. The aim of this program is to provide teachers with tools to increase students’ resilience while supporting their social and emotional wellbeing.   Teachers develop practical new skills and ideas that they can incorporate in the classroom setting.